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Introduction of user interface designes

Түшиг Маркетингийн Агентлаг

Сошиел медиа хурдацтай хөгжиж буй өнөө үед хэвлэмэл болон аудио, видео зурган байдлаар контент бүтээж маркетингийн дижилтал сувгуудаар хүргэж байна.

Зар сурталилгаа, видеог хийхдээ бид дрон, алсын удирдлага бүхий камер ашиглан хэт өндөрөөс, хөдөлгөөнт дүрс, бүтээлч сурталилгааг таны гарт бэлэн болгож байна.

CSS and Flash were the stained glass of web design. With the fundamentals in place, we began pushing materials beyond the limits of what seemed possible. Gothic architecture transformed stone into gravity-defying spectacles that took your breath away. And though it’s hard to remember now, those early Flash and CSS sites amazed us just as pixels.

People started publishing treatises with the new rules, and it all got a little more meta. Being so logical and precise is fun for only so long. Eventually we’ll just start breaking rules.

We apply research to give your customers what they actually want.

Public appearance, past and future events, save-the-dates and the occasional piece of self-promotion.

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